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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Melbourne Marathon training - week 3

135km this week

Monday - 16km with 8km @ tempo.  I had this scheduled so went through with it even though I was a bit worried it was too close to Saturday's hard effort.

I  felt OK - would like to be running quicker but I am feeling more controlled at this pace than a few weeks back so there is some improvement efficiency wise at least.

Pace slowed a bit over the last 4kms which was also when I was running over the Narrows and then into the wind.  Averaged 3:39 so at least I made my goal of under 3:40.

I have adjusted my program so that I will run a tempo run against this coming Monday after an ordinary (ie not MP) long run and then fortnightly after that (on the off weeks from the MP long runs).

Medium long runs on Tuesday and Thursday (23km and 20km) with double easy/recovery runs on Wednesday and Friday.

On Saturday morning I had a fantastic long run with Dave.  Cold, dark run up to Zamia Cafe in Kings Park to meet up for a 6.30am departure as Dave only wanted to run 22km.  9.32km to Zamia, some of which was pretty slow as I picked my way down the Green Mile in the dark despite having a light on my cap.

Then we ran out to City Beach and back pretty much along the City to Surf course at a pretty honest pace.  Dave had us at 1:27 for the half marathon and we finished at 3:45/km pace.  Overall 30.5km 4:17/km.

Felt really good, just rolling through.  Recovery run this morning and hoping to back up for a good tempo run again tomorrow.  Conditions should be perfect so I hope to improve on last week's effort.

Mirage 2
Cracked out new shoes this week, both Kinvaras and Mirages.  It always feels good to be running in new shoes and there is nothing better than a new pair of Kinvaras.
Kinvara 2
I still have a few new pairs of Kinvara 2s to get through before I move on to the recently released Kinvara 3 which I am really looking forward to.

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