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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perth Marathon photos

Went out and spectated the Perth Marathon this morning. Congratulations to Craig who ran high 2:50 for an over 7 minute PB. Bad luck to Rob whose niggles, and in particular a calf strain, put him out at 14km. Probably a very wise decision rather than risk missing some weeks of training as he starts to build for Berlin.

Roberto Busi and Chris O'Neill leading at 8km
3rd-5th @ 8km

Liam and Martin @ 8km

Craig at 8km looking very comfortable.
Pack including Big Kev, Jon and Rob @ 8km.
Roberto leading @ 17km

Gerry Hill in 2nd @ 17km

Craig @ 17km

Jon and Kev's pack @ 17km

Craig coming back at the Raffles, close to 31km

Craig at the Raffles

Roberto in 1st place about 500m from the finish.
Didn't take as many photos as I intended as I struggled to combine spectating with picture taking.  Conditions seemed to be pretty good for running this morning so it will be interesting to see what everyone says about the race.

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