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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marathon training - one week to go

99km this week. Mostly easy running but included 3 x 1600m in a 14km run on Thursday and also some strides after a couple of the easy runs during the week. Just 21km today @ 4.24/km. Felt very easy despite a bit of a breeze and I had to consciously slow myself down a couple of times.

We fly out tomorrow night, so I will get a run in tomorrow morning. We don't arrive in Houston until 4pm Tuesday and the sun sets at 5.40pm so I think I will be reduced to running on a "dreadmill" at the hotel. Rehearsal run on Wednesday will include 3km @ marathon pace but the rest of the week will be very much easy running.

From the Houston Marathon website:

Live Searchable Results & Map Tracking
Follow your runner(s) during the race by tracking their progress in real time as they move along the course with live, up-to-the-minute race results and an interactive map at chevronhoustonmarathon.com. 

The race starts at 7am on Sunday (9pm Perth time) and I am bib number 1130 in corrall A.

We will be getting new SIM cards in the US so we won't be contactable on our normal mobile numbers after tomorrow.  The best email address  to get us will be mailto:biscuitman1871@hotmail.com%C2%A0 and I am also on Twitter @biscuitman1871

Rox and Ben will also be on Facebook.

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