"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Longest run - Biggest week

Sunday - 39km long run in 2:55 (4:30/km). Longest ever training run to finish biggest ever training week mileage wise (168.5km)

Got out reasonably early in an attempt to avoid the heat. Wasn’t too bad until about 8am when the sun came out from behind the clouds. Strong easterly blowing which was a headwind over the last few km as well as on the way out.

Ran a steady pace/effort and apart from some minor twinges in my hammies my legs felt good throughout. 3 gel stops and one swallowed fly …

Will look to get a massage at some stage this week just to keep ahead of any niggles as I stiffened up a bit on Sunday afternoon and the first couple of days this week in the afternoon after sitting at work.

My other significant run this week was on Friday. Thought it wasn’t going to be too windy and that I could make the wind work in my favour – unfortunately I am stupid …

2km warm up (4:43; 4:23) then 11km tempo which was from Boatshed Cafe at Coode Street to Narrows then along the freeway bike path to Canning Bridge and then about two thirds of the way back again. I though I would have the easterly behind me up the freeway but it was a south easterly so I was running into it, combined with the headwind from the traffic. Was nice to turn around but I only really got about 3.5km with it coming across my shoulder.

Splits were 3:41; 3:48; 3:46; 3:47; 3:53; 3:54; 3:53; 3:50; 3:46; 3:47; 3:41. Total 11km in 41:46 (3:47/km average pace).

6km cooldown (4:32-4:55/km pace).

If I do this run again, I would definitely do another couple of km warm up so that the cooldown was shorter.

McMillan calculator gives the slow end of tempo pace range for me as 3:48 based on my 55:34 15km time so this is within the right range and given the conditions I will say that it was a marginal pass and just keeps me on track as having hit all the correct paces for my workouts so far this program.

I have taken it very easy so far this week to recover from Sunday's run. I have another tempo run scheduled for Friday and will see how I pull up from that before deciding what sort of a long run I will do this Sunday. I am keen to get some more marathon pace running in so may do 35km with 12km at marathon pace but won't push it if I don't feel like I am up for it.

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