"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, November 13, 2011

155km and another marathon specific long run

155km this week.  I would have cracked 160km if not for the crappy weather on Monday when I cut short my afternoon recovery run because there wouldn't have been much recovery going on running into a 40km headwind.

Training this week was:
Monday 10.5km/2.5km
Tuesday 16km + 6 uphill strides/6.2km recovery
Wednesday  24.2km @ 4.12/km with Simon Elliott
Thursday 14.7km with Clown/8km recovery
Friday 24.2km @ 4.23/km
Saturday 16km @ 4.21/km
Sunday 32km inc 19km @ 3.55/km total avg 4.10/km

Really happy with today's long run as I definitely was not feeling like it this morning. A bit windy out there and felt tired and not much pop in the legs over the first 11km. First up I ran to Belmont Park and back which was 11km @ 4:28/km

The one big (ie new Narrows) and one small (ie old Narrows) laps of the Bridges to cover my 19km. Started at bottom of Hurlingham and finished the 19km at Coode Street. 2km jog home from there.

Pace slowed to 3:59/4:00 at times when I was running into the wind on the city side and over the Narrows but I made up for that on the other side although the only time when it felt like I had an actual tailwind was between the Swan River Trust building and the Causeway.

Took an SIS Go gel before starting the MP section and an SIS Smart1 gel at about 12km into it.

Averaged 3:55/km which is right on MP for the 19km. I didn’t think I would be able to hit this one today so this is a good confidence boost.

My other decent runs this week were the medium long runs on Wednesday and Friday. In particular Wednesday's run with Simon. I had felt a bit flat earlier in the week but I think that was very much due to the wind which I hate. This morning conditions were perfect and we quickly slotted into a pretty tidy pace despite the fact that we were still having chat. We went through what would have been a half marathon in 1:28 and if if you take off the 4.45 first km and take the next 21 it was even quicker.

So at the end of another week I am feeling pretty tired but also pretty pleased with how things are going. I start to add some speedwork in this week with a 5 x 800m session which I will do on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how the legs are on Monday and Tuesday morning. At this current point in time, I am thinking Wednesday is probably more realistic.

Turns out I was 11th at John Gilmour and first M40-44.  Results are here http://www.wamc.org.au/results/results_2011/WAMC2011resultsJohnGilmour.pdf

No video today but I'll try and find something good to post mid week.

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