"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two big weeks

146km and 147km over the last two weeks.  Mostly easy running in the Canova fundamental range of 80-90% of marathon pace although I have mixed a bit of quality work in there.

Workouts have included 8km tempo as part of a 16km run, some progression runs as part of my mid week medium long runs and some 10 x 110m stride sessions.

Last weeks long run was 29km, today's was 32km.

On Thursday my medium long run was 21.1km which I ran in 1:29.  Ran easy on the way out and picked it up on the way back progressively over the last 10km.  Initially I just increased my cadence without significantly increasing effort but over the last 5km I continued the progression, especially when I realised that I was on track to run under 1:30 for 21.1km.  Last 10km progressed from 4:08 down to 3:56/km which is basically MP.

On today's long run I don’t know whether it was the harder run on Friday or just general fatigue and a bit of a headwind but the run on the way out of this out and back run was feeling a bit harder than I thought it should.

It was very nice then to feel pretty comfortable coming back a bit quicker.  First 16km was average 4:30/km, last 16km was 4:18/km.

I have been using some different nutrition products from Science in Sport including gels, isotonic, carbohydrate and recovery drinks.  You can get to their website from the link in the sidebar.  Today I used a Burner Gel for the first time.  It contains 1g of carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).  Carnitine has been shown to facilitate the movement of fatty acids into the mitochondria, which burn fatty acids to make energy.

Here is a link to the product information: http://www.scienceinsport.com.au/product_info.asp?sport=84

I was supposed to go over 150km this week but fell short as I didn’t do my second run on Thursday.  I suspected this would be the case as we had our niece staying with us.  I took my gear to work but got caught up and didn’t get out as I hoped around 4.30pm.
Happy enough with consolidating with this week in the 140s following last week which was around the same. 

Calf and hamstring all good, some minor stiffness in my back but pretty happy with how I am travelling at the moment.  I seem to be having a good patch while my mates are struggling so hopefully we will all be on track again soon.

Looking forward to the first Glory game of the season this afternoon and the live streaming of the Chicago marathon tonight.

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