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Friday, April 1, 2011

Marathon training - Week 6 including 511km in March

Although it is almost the end of week 7 of my program, this is a quick post to note that I did 111km last week and with a solid first half of this week, got up over 500km for the month. My highest previous monthly total was 440km in December last year.

I feel like I have established a really good base to build on over the next 8 weeks before I commence a three week gradual taper for the marathon on June 19.

Significant runs last week were my regular medium long run on Tuesday (21km in just under 1:30 so approx 4:16/km pace) and a progressive tempo run with Clown on Thursday.

We were both feeling a bit flat so decided to go out at marathon pace and see what happened. Marathon pace felt pretty comfortable and we were still having a bit of a chat as we ran down to Maylands. I only took a split at halfway (4km) which was 15:58 so right on MP or 4min/km pace.

We picked it up a bit on the way back, particularly over the last 2km and especially the last km. 14:53 on the way back with the last km @ 3:26.

Very good and enjoyable run. Was still pretty humid but no wind which made things OK. Pleased to be able to keep up with Clown for a change :-)

Warm up 4.1km in 18:30
MP/tempo 8km in 30:52
Cooldown 5.4km in 24:00

Sunday's long run was just over 28km @ 4:34/km pace but it did include 4 x up the Mount Yokine hill. The "good" thing about this hill is that it makes the rest of the run seem relatively easy.

Training has gone well this week but I know I am right into marathon training now as I wake up tired and go to bed very tired ...


attitude running said...

good work on your training! if u and clown r doing a long run on sat morn let me know, i wouldnt mind joining in. im starting to do long runs sat and sun now

Biscuitman said...

cheers! clown will be off to Boston soon so is tapering and then may cut back for a while but my long run day will be Saturday for the foreseeable future due to kid's sport commitments on Sunday mornings so I'll let you know plans.