"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Friday - regular recovery run.  Wore my HRM as have been feeling so good I wanted to make sure I’m not overcooking things. No problems though – average HR was 129.

Saturday - Ran with Sandgroper. We added 2.5km onto what we did last week and ran a bit quicker. pretty even pace/effort thoughout although we pushed on for the last 2km which were our fastest – 4.24/4.23.  Overall pace was 4.32/km for 24.7km.  It was pretty humid and we had a couple of drink breaks.  Sandgroper hid a couple of cold Powerades in East Perth for us which was good planning and came at just the right time.

The last 2km came about because of an effort to not drop our pace which we pushed on with harder than we intended.  Great way to finish a hard run.

Sunday - Ben had the Weetbix Tryathlon in the morning.  Got pretty warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds.  Ben did really well.  I think he was pretty conservative and surprised himself with how easily he did it, especially the 1km run at the end.  Got some good photos so will get a couple of them up in the next few days.

Managed to organise a ride with Neil later in the afternoon and got in 41.8km.  We went out around the Ascot, Garrett Road, Maylands loop then around the river and out to UWA before we went our separate ways.  Our pace fluctuated due to my poor selection of route but we were able to pick it up from Burswood on and I hammered it along Mounts Bay Road on the way back at 40-42km/hr which was fun (and got the blood pumping).

Monday -  Ran my regular Bridges loop at a moderate effort and averaged 4.19/km.  This is a bit of an in-between pace.  I think I could just hold a conversation at this pace/effort so hopefully its not too quick to be getting full aerobic benefit from this run ie energy being provided from the breakdown of glycogen and fat stored in our muscles by utilising oxygen.

Tuesday (this morning) - did an interval workout. 10 min warm up, 4 × 20 secs strides then 5 sets of 1 min hard; 2 mins jog recovery; 2mins hard; 2mins jog recovery. 18 mins cool down. Hard going on the last reps but glad I got through it. Last hard workout for the week with 5km race on Sunday. 

I'll take it easy for the rest of the week with a recovery run tomorrow, 16km easy with Clown on Thursday, recovery run Friday and then 6 or so km with some strides on Saturday.

I'll race the 5km at Point Walter on Sunday and may do a long cooldown to get my kms up a bit for the week as I'll be down a bit without a long run this week.

I may have some exciting news in the near future in the lead up to the Bridges so stay tuned ...

Today's video - I can't embed this one but if you follow the link, you will find an entertaining video (after a bit of a slow start) and incredible workout:


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